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Red Deer Velvet Antler

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Red Deer Velvet Antler

Red Deer Velvet Antler

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Red Deer Velvet Antler.
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Cost Effective, 100% natural, Premium quality Deer Velvet from New Zealand. Additive and Preservative Free. Easy to take - One 500mg capsule, once daily. Deer Velvet's remarkable health promoting and rejuvenating properties have been prized in the Orient for over 2000 years. Today, Western clinical and scientific research of deer velvet is proving the validity of traditional medicine claims. Ongoing research into the benefits of deer velvet is attracting worldwide attention. To date, the research results are showing that this ancient remedy may be one of nature's safest multipurpose sources of energy. Scientific studies with deer velvet have so far concentrated on testing for growth, endurance and stamina, immunology, and anti-inflammatory activity. Because deer velvet is the only living mammalian tissue that grows and is shed each year, it is believed to be a treasure trove of biologically active substances. Extensive research in Russia, China, Korea and New Zealand has shown that deer velvet contains a rich source of essential minerals, vitamins, major amino acids and other nutrients. These include anti-inflammatory prostaglandins (cell function regulators that tell the body how to respond to inflammation, tissue injury and pain), the protein collagen (well known for promoting healthy skin and hair), and the natural growth hormone IGF-1. For centuries it's been used to control blood pressure, increase hemoglobin levels, increase lung efficiency, improve recuperation, improve muscle tone and glandular functions, sharpen mental alertness, relieve the inflammation of arthritis and heal stomach ulcers. There has been recent interest in this ancient remedy since the results of a unique scientific testing programme carried out in New Zealand by AgResearch. The results of these tests are capturing the attention of scientists' worldwide and exciting clinical researchers with the potential applications for deer velvet in today's mainstream healthcare.

  • Deer Velvet is a rich source of ingredients shown to have many health benefits
  • Maintaining the body's general well being. Assistance with good joint care and improved mobility
  • Boosting the body's natural immune system in order to support against colds and 'flu. Improvement in the body's strength, stamina and athletic performance.
  • Natural source of proteins, amino acids, minerals, glucosamine, chondroitin, Omega 3 and Omega 6. This traditional remedy may be one of nature's safest multipurpose sources of energy.
  • Because Deer Velvet is the only living mammalian tissue that grows and is shed each year, it is believed to be a treasure trove of biologically active substances.

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